Spoonflower Designs

Just received my Spoonflower samples for designing on textiles. I am so excited about creating designs of my art. I have always wanted to have my art in print so this is another form that will be so helpful in reaching artistic goals!!


Loving Maine!!

Beautiful Maine!! What else is there to say other than the food is spectacular. We were in Portland for a few days and were amazed at all the restaurants that offer gourmet food! A lot of places had a diverse menu catering to vegan, dairy free, and gluten free. We especially liked the tide rolling… Read More Loving Maine!!


Vermont Oh My

Vermont!! finally I was able to travel there on the way back from Maine. What a beautiful state with tons of foliage and humidity. We stayed a local Bed and Breakfast that catered to all our needs.


Samana AAAAH!!!!

Samana, Dominican Republic – An amazing place for an afternoon adventure. A guided tour led us through diverse areas of the island showcasing all the native people, birds, mammals and reptiles. The lunch was prepared by a local chef while we took in the spectacular views.


Waterfalls Dominican Republic

Waterfalls Dominican Republic The Waterfalls at Dominican Republic were beautiful during our visit. The local people were enjoying the day there in the sun. This was on our way to the beach where we had a gourmet lunch served while watching the waves roll in, an unforgettable journey.