Nanci Worthington, a.k.a. NanciArtWorks, was born in Colorful Colorado and resides in Loveland about 50 miles north of Denver. Loveland is home to Route 34, a quick passage to Estes Park and the gateway to the Rocky Mountain National Park. Nanci creates unique paintings filled with vivid colors, inspired by both nature and her imagination. Nanci loves to explore new techniques and loves music which sometimes shows up in her work.


Both Nanci’s parents were very creative. Nanci nurtured her childhood creativity into a career as a painter. Nanci is a graphic design graduate of Westwood College (DIT) in Colorado. Her studies in color, text, and their rhythm and movement form the foundation of Nanci’s paintings. Traveling abroad, meeting people of different backgrounds, and studying their culture and art influences the use of bold colors and lines in many of Nanci’s paintings.


Painting for me satisfies my creative need and is very fun! I spend many days in my Loveland studio listening to music and painting. In my spare time, I walk and play with my 2 Wire Fox Terriers, ride my Townie bike, and enjoy beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains from every street. Each painting is a kind of personal journey with vibrant colors, images from nature and my imagination. Inspiration for my paintings, is from the regions I have lived in and countries traveled to including the Rocky Mountains, Loveland Colorado, the Chesapeake Bay, the Barrier Reef of Belize, Samana, Dominican Republic, Puerto RicoNowra, New South Wales, Australia, the rice fields of Bali, Paris, Holland, and the temples in Thailand.


Painting is like eating cake…only leaving the frosting behind. ~Nanci Worthington

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