Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day ! Living in Loveland, hearts are everywhere on light posts, hanging from trees, people wearing heart costumes and blinking heart pins and necklaces and of course there is the Valentine Program.

The Valentine Program has been around for 70 years and it is internationally renowned the Valentine Re-mailing Program teaming up with the United States Postal Service. Stamped valentines arrive in Loveland to receive the official Loveland stamp and the Loveland postal cancellation stamp. There are different drop off locations around the city to drop your stamped valentines.  Then area volunteers, who have been on a waiting list for as long as 8 years, stamp your valentines. You can read more about it here.  The Sweetheart City, Loveland Colorado Valentine Re-mailing Program.

Everywhere you go here in Loveland there is something to do this time of year.  Just this last weekend the Fire & Ice Festival started Friday February 10, at 5 pm and the streets were filled, even though it was cold outside and snow was falling, the Fire & Ice fans anticipated each event.  People of Loveland love their town and are very supportive to local artists and businesses.

Many people in Loveland renew their vows or get married on Valentine’s day here in Loveland.  A romantic, candlelit ceremony at the iconic Loveland Foote Lagoon, with music, customized ceremonies, keepsake photos, gift bags, signature wedding cupcakes, etc.,  Loveland has you covered!!!  Valentine’s Day in Loveland

Scott Freeman a local artist created a large painting last year using several unpainted squares that he sketched along with several volunteers to create spaces to be painted.  Then at the Loveland Fire & Ice Festival participants painted on the square, using paints that were denoted on the square but of their choice using light, medium, and dark hues of paint as specified. The mystery painting has not been revealed yet but here are some highlights from last year 2017.  #MonaLoveland #DoveLand  Scott Freeman Art 

NanciArtWorks is Loving Living in Loveland!!


Nanci helps paint a square of Scott Freemans painting


Scott Freeman Art – Mona Lisa – Loveland Colorado

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