Queen Imma

One of the many painted Immas. Imma was created using acrylic paint and on a gesso board and has given life to many other Imma’s and series.  Imma was inspired by a yoga classes that I took in Alexandria, VA.  Imma is the first one in a series of Immas. Imma is strong and its all about her hair, she knows that nothing will get in the way of her goals. She lives within all of us. . .strong natured, loving, kind and most of all fun!! Imma lives with determination in her soul and is always listening for new paths to take.  She is known as Queen Imma and is very active while living with the other Imma’s and does enjoy watching the other Immas come to life in Nefeffide land.  Check out the shop you can purchase Imma in many different formats!!

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